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I was able to contact Bavarian Automotive Recycling about getting the correct clutch sensor and clutch master cylinder, but I am worried that something else isn't wired correctly.

Here's where I'm at;

-The modules in the car have been recoded.
-The TCU has been removed/unplugged.
-Automatic transmission had 1 plug, which I believe means it's a 'GM' transmission.
-Clutch master cylinder is on order with the correct 4-wire sensor.
-I have a wire running to pin #23 on the ECU as described in the many DIY threads, but it's not plugged in yet.

Just now, I tried to connect EWS Pin #8 to the purple/yellow wire on the brake sensor plug to see if it would start, nada. (I'm also worried I may not have made a good enough connection to pin #8, and I can't think of a good way to test the plug.)

Should I be worried that the car won't start if I wire it as described above ^ (to the brake sensor plug), or should I chill out and wait patiently for the correct clutch master cylinder to arrive?

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