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Originally Posted by zachdog View Post
I did this swap last April. The coding and wiring was the hardest part. Here is how I did it last year:

I hope this is somewhat helpful to you -- my brother did the hardwiring of the clutch, so I don't have any experience with that, I'm afraid. I did all the coding, however.
Hey there Zachdog, I actually used your tutorial to code Jimmyloose's car for him (close friend of mine). I got lost a little bit in your directions on post 172, but managed to get her coded! I only coded the Kombi (cluster), and the DME . If not the DME, it was something else, what I do remember was only coding two items with the new SA code. It was pretty nice to see that gear light go off. Right now we're just stuck at the clutch switch. I'd code the car to take off the clutch detection like the EU cars but I won't be able to get over there again until the weekend. We are just hoping the part comes in soon and everything works.

Thanks everyone for throwing in some input!

Thanks to all e46fanatics and other BMW forum users, without the community, our wallets would be more empty than they already are.
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