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Originally Posted by jdstrickland View Post
+1 on the master cylinder.

The slave will leak to the outside and a puddle of fluid will be on the ground under the bellhousing and there will be fluid loss. The master will leak internally, no puddles anywhere nor any fluid loss.

If a clutch is needed, one of the symptoms is that the engine speed will climb faster than the vehicle speed. This is commonly noticed in about 3rd gear and going up hill. You shift into 3rd and press the gas to speed up, you will feel the engine speed increase but the vehicle speed remains flat. I don't know what makes you think you need a clutch, but what you have described makes me think you need a clutch master cylinder. Smart money would also replace the clutch slave cylinder, but the master is your problem.
Yeah... two different problems, I realize that, but I definitely have a bad clutch. That was apparent before I started having shifting problems. My clutch slips like mad. If I punch it in 3rd or 4th gear, the RPM's will race without car speed increasing. That and I get wobble from the clutch as it engages, which I think is probably a worn out flywheel.

But that was all happening before I started having shifter problems and pedal feel problems.

I haven't seen any puddles in the garage, so I guess it's not leaking from the slave cylinder. However... I agree. If I end up replacing the master, I might as well replace the slave at the same time and get it over with. They are fairly cheap, so why not.
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