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Originally Posted by gselsidi View Post
Honestly dude SULEV is the biggest free ride you can get as far as owning a BMW goes. Having to fix all these issues outside of warranty is insane. Getting an e90 will still give you problems, sucks but new BMW just plain ol suck in reliability. I was driving a brand new 2013 and already the transmission was shifting funny.

Next car is def. going to be Asian again such as Lexus, If it was me I def. would not trade up to another BMW, unless I was sure it was pretty much bullet proof.
Yes it should be the biggest free ride if you didn't have to fight for the stupid warranty and think about getting stranded in the middle of nowhere... .
I'm taking my car to the dealer this Friday. Asked them to have the car overnight and do the bleed down test. Will have to pay $150 diagnostic fee unless they will find something wrong with it. (wanted to do the bleed test myself but there is no valve on the injectors rail, couldn't find any information on how to do it on SULEV)
Just hate to take this car anywhere far enough out of town to have it towed to the dealer and fight for the warranty.... .
As of 2013 I did try 328xi and 320 xi. Transmissions work funny when i tried echo mode, their were fine in sport mode. I did noticed that new 3's handled less like a BMW I got used to. Brakes felt much softer.
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