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Originally Posted by gselsidi View Post
Well my dealer denied my Gas tank warranty as there was a dent on the gas tank and said there is impact damage so they won't cover it. Going tomorrow to speak to the service manager and either get it resolved or hand him my 30 day notice until a lawsuit. The dent could of came from anything including factory, there is no sign of impact underneath where the dent is, you would expect to see scratches or something, but the metal looks sparkling new. Either way it's pretty much their word against mine and I don't think their claim will hold up in court if it goes that far.

They also mentioned there was no fuel in the fuel canister, which is part of the fuel system, the canister is all the way on the other side so impact on the fuel tank wouldn't cause it to fail, will keep you guys updated.
This is just outrages.

Perfect example of "warranty".
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