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Not DIY enough!

Just spent WAY too long resetting the dip switch codes on our outer gate and then programming my roommate's E92 M homelink (took a while to figure out how to get two buttons programmed without resetting each time... and before that we realized far too late that the battery on the remote was too weak). But now I've fixed the outer fence, reset the gate and garage, added an auto-close to the gate, and set up the homelink. So all is actually improved, home security wise, and it's more convenient as well. And now I'm pouting about the fact that it would cost me a ton to get a proper homelink in my car so that I don't have to have an exposed remote in there. I miss my tinfoil-modded coupe Homelink.

Anyway, I guess now I can go back to focusing on the glove box.

At least the fact that the crackhead broke my right side plastic piece (the one that spring loads into place when the top goes down) meant I finally got around to supergluing the one on the left so I'm not driving around with a hole in my car anymore...
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