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panzerwagon, I'm sure how excited you are about this unit; To be perfectly honest with you I have regrets for buying this unit.

I would not have minded all the hassle I went through (receiving a defective unit and shipping back, paying shipping and replacing it ... all in all a timeline of 2 months) if the unit actually was up to the standards.

I do have the Android 4 unit (b039 on an X5) and I can tell you from now, if you are picky you are better off without it; If you are buying this unit to play around, hack it, root it or any other form of testing then this one is right for you.

I've probably read and reread every post in this thread before and after buying the unit, tried all the suggestions but to my luck the things I wanted never ever worked (even with technician interventions). so if any of these are deal breaker for you I advise you not to buy:

- ipod cable connection is for iPod 4th Gen and iPhone 4s and lower. I bought the original 30 pin to 8 pin cable to connect my iphone 5 and it didnot work (nor iPod 5th gen) .... though it charges .... so there you go no ipod, no music
- then you say, what the heck I'll bluetooth the phone and play it from there. Sound is horrible, no UI whatsoever, just volume up/down and next/previous (no title, artist,...)
- also since we are talking bluetooth; did you know that when bluetooth is on and connected to a device you loose 90% of the time connectiving to the unit from the steering buttons; so every time you want to turn the volume up you have to try 4 to 5 times pressing on it... same goes for the rest of the buttons.
- Radio reception is never like before, the coverage seems to have dropped in places (Yes I read all the tricks about the antenna and tried them several things even changing the antenna amp)
- Radio UI is not bad but you can switch from a channel to another from the steering, you have to do it from the touch screen (the steering button moves the frequency by 0.5 up/down)
- Sound is too loud, bought the controller, tried it, sound was too low, tweaked it and now it sucks
- it has 2 boards, one for the android and one for radio/dvd/bluetooth/phone ... I wish it had one ... a working one
- there is no way to import your phonebook to this unit ... microphone on the other hand is good and bluetooth calls are fine (damn i was on a streak of negativity)
- try loading android for a while (20min) while in good weather condition and the fan will start (sounds like the hoover I have at home) ... with people in the car sometimes I turn it off because it is just too embarassing.
- screen is horrible in daylight, no way whatsoever you can see anything on the screen during daylight
- the mini usb plug in the front does not charge blackberry/samsung unless you are in DVD section, so to charge you have to stay in there at all times
- Android part is all fine, all the tweaks posted here worked fine (true also for the things that doesnt work hahaha)

Besides the few bugs up there the unit is great (LOL). I am truly not exaggerating, these are real facts; the unit is not bad, it's terrible!!!! and 6 months owning it I can tell you, do not buy this unit it is just not worth the effort and money ... this is a beta testing unit (more like alpha).

I hope this post was helpful.
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