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HPF and unlocking the AEM

AEMPro software connect sequence. AEMtuner does not work with r Aem v1

AEM download link

Important to follow or u will not be able to connect.

1 Car off
2 ignition off
3 have USB to serial cable plugged into computer and Aem
3 load AEMPro software
4 in dialog box select serial and choose comport from drop down box
5 Then select from dialog box connect In AEMPro
6 when Aempro has no communication errors and is waiting to connect then turn on ignition without starting car. If u have errors turn off car and wait 15 seconds then shutdown AEMPro unplug USB serial cable and put it back in and repeat above sequcence.
7 AEMPro will then download the calibration file for ur Aem and AEMPro will have live data
8 Then u can start the car if u wish
9 if u want to download the log u have to have the car off and follow the same above sequence.
10 if the software hangs for any reason then u have to repeat the same sequence. Sometimes u have to unplug the USB to serial cable and restart the aempro software
11 any changes u make in AEMPro while connected directly updates the AEM

Note: I know this is a pain in the ass but believe me this works and when u get the hang of it it's not a problem. I have spent a long time figuring this out so I want to save u guys the frustration.

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