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Welll, what can I say, chouch will not be on the szenco sales team but he's right ha ha ha

On top of this you can add :

1) Igo does NOT save the setting, you have to run through setup EACH TIME, you turn the car off to park, you start again...
2) Wifi dongle is working...when it wants, I had to put it on an USB extension so that i can unplug and replug the dongle a few times, once it starts it stays on so it's probably an android driver thing.
3) Time and date are not saved, there is no battery clock in the unit (a technology that has been mastered around 1982 in computers) so that each time you start the unit it is 01:00 am on 1/1/1970, and it means that igo once you've set it will run in night mode, so either you need wifi and a wifi tethering phone, or adjust igo to be always in "day" mode, but when you switch the engine off, there you go again
4) Screen is unusable in daytime, confirmed. Also screen is NOT a capacitive screen but a pressure one, not possible to use inrix for example because you need to press with 2 fingers to unzoom.
5) Some apps won't run (waze) something about not being able to access the SD card, it seems that permissions are not set properly for the sd cards, maybe igo COULD be set to save settings like that, I tried and failed.
6) bluetooth does not cut sound on the android side, so let's say you listen to music on android, phone rings, screen switches to BT mode but you can't lower the sound of the song....
7) Since clock is not saved, radio stations are not saved also, better remember the frequency of your favorite station...
8) Paypal will not help you IN ANY WAY with szenco, I used paypal, I got a unit with a defective cable, I asked for help, they told me to ship the COMPLETE unit at my cost and that they would send it back, I told them to send me the cable only, they refused, i started a paypal claim to put pressure on them and paypal told me to **** off because they don't accept "partial" refunds and if i send the unit back i have to pay for the shipping and they (szenco) could refuse the unit on the ground of chinese custom duties on the way back in.....

basically it is an unfinished product with zero support and not very honest (to be polite) people on the other end of the line.

I would look SERIOUSLY at the eway models, they seem to be releasing updates and so on, but before someone releases a capacitive screen model i'd forget the whole thing or try to build your own from scratch with a $200 nexus tablet (now that's an interesting project...).

This being said I can sell you mine ha ha ha
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