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Originally Posted by Alex323Ci View Post
I know what a Dinan Stage 2 is. I mentioned it in your first thread. But I also mentioned that you obviously don't have the wheels and who knows what else you have or don't have of it. That's why I asked which Dinan parts you have on that car. It is not a complete Dinan Stage II.
In terms of power parts, it's a Dinan Stage II.

The power parts on the vehicle as it sits right now include the air box, an airflow meter, and a muffler. As well it's paired with a 3.91 diff, an ECU Dinan tune, 12-position adjustable shocks and anti-roll bars, stiffer springs, front camber plates, bored out throttle bodies etc - I'm sure you've read it. Top speed limiter was removed. Does 189mph fine Dinan says.

Correction, you are right - the stage II bought from BMW did come with a new wheels package, I'm going to throw a random guess out there and say when the front end collision happened the front left wheel was damaged they just bought a new, and a stock set is easier to find then a Dinan set.

Either that, or the car was later transformed into a stage two Dinan M3 by the first original owner in its early early days - which would make some sense. The mechanic at BMW acknowledged it fully as a Dinan II M3 by the parts/suspension/muffler, he didn't say a word about the wheels.

I will be posting pictures of my engine bay/muffler/and what not later tonight/tomorrow morning!

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