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I just got mine. Here's my initial report:
The paint job looks good, but they screwed up the rest of the order. Umnitza sent me a european license plate holder (US plate won't screw on to it) and forgot to send me the fog lights. Thy also sent it via Pilot freight instead of Greyhound like I requested, though I can't tell if I was charged more for it or not. I will have to call on Monday to straighten things out. There's no packing list to refer to for verification. The fitment of the main mesh grill is also a little off. And the gap between the new bumper cover and the headlight trim is bigger than I expected even when I adjust the brackets all the way up. I can see that Helphos has the same problem. Perhaps I can try a smaller washer or something. I wish these new bumpers would click into the sides like my stock bumper cover did.

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