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Suspension refresh double-check

Ok, just wanted a quick opinion on my checklist atm, before I hit the Submit button on my orders tonight.

Backstory: Car is at 140k miles, still mostly original parts from what I know of. Rear shocks were replaced, as were RSMs about 15k ago. However, noticed that the right side of the rear of the car sits about 1/2" lower than the drivers side, my guess is spring is worn/bad, as nothing else looks amiss at a glance. (which after further reading, seems like it's normal. Never noticed before lol). Either way, time to finally get some more done. So:

Ordering up a Street Edge coilover kit Monday morning. In preparation for that, however, I figure there are other parts I need to get. However, rather than buy a complete Susp Refresh kit from ECS (since I already have new RSMs and whatnot), I figured I'd piece together what I need, and see about saving a few bucks. Here's where I'm at, so please feel free to let me know what I'm missing so far:

Front Strut Mount x 2
Strut Reinforcement Plate x 2
Front Upper Spring Pad x 2
Front Lower Spring Pad x 2
Front Flat Washer x 2
Stut Bolt x 2
Self-locking Collar Nut x 12 (not sure how many I really need, but can't hurt to have extras?)

Rear upper Spring Pad x 2
Rear Lower Spring Pad x 2
Rear Shock Bolt x 2

Coilover kit shows end links included, I've already got Control Arms standing by for install. Doing Sway Bar bushings, tie rods, and RTABs in a few more weeks afterwards. But for the initial Coilover install, am I missing anything off-hand to allow that to go smoothly?

Thanks in advance (and I know there are a ton of threads out there on it, but figured it'd be easier to say "did I miss anything" and get someone who knows it firsthand to catch anything wrong, than it would be to try to compare and either still miss stuff, or get extras)

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