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HPF and unlocking the AEM

Originally Posted by dragosid View Post
Thanks a lot for the step by step procedure beign3!

Now, I'm a bit puzzled as I took out my AEM v1 today and I don't seem to have a Serial output. Anybody else in the same situation?

Ur AEM is a Generation 1 as it has two connectors verses Gen 2 which has 3 smaller ones. So urs will not have a serial port on the unit. Only Generation 2 has it. If u look on the harness on the AEM side u will see a 3 pin connector labeled "aux sensor" this is the serial port on Gen 1. U need to add the DB9 Female connector. If urs does not have that u can add the the wires to the connector to the AEM. Pm me and I can get u going with the wiring. I have been helping a few with getting setup.

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