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A few months ago, I bought my E46, of course used and with an, how it seems, Enco device already installed. It exactly looks like the B046 and runs windows CE and iGo. The previous owner couldn't tell me anything about it and just told me to search for Dynavin. But it isn't a Dynavin, it has the front usb connector on the left side and the user interface is exactly the one of the Enco devices.

Everything worked fine at first, but about a month ago, it started to loose satellite contact while navigation was in progress for no obvious reason. Switching off and on did help mostly. Sometimes the satellite connection was regained without doing anything. And there where no tunnels or something like that, only sky above.

Today it lost the satelite contact again and since than the touchscreen doesn't work too. Sometimes it receives a touch, but mostly there's no reaction. When I remove the sd card for maps, it tell's me, that no navigation software is found and it beeps every time I touch the screen, so I guess the screen is still alive. With the map card installed it start's automatically to the screen, where I may choose for search or to display the map, but it doesn't receive any input from the touch screen.

The knobs do work and the remote control seems to work to. I didn't manage to the setup, where I may try to recalibrate the screen.

How would I fully reset the Enco? When I switch it off, or do a reset, does WinCE a cold or a warm start?
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