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Originally Posted by johnrando View Post
So the lock is stuck? Try fvcking the lock with the key. (Sorry, but when I describe it, that's what people say it sounds like). In other words, insert the key slowly, gently, and turn it very carefully in every direction (full right, full left, whatever) to see if it opens. If not, try pushing it in hard and turning it hard right, left, whatever (order doesn't matter) to see if that works. Do it multiple times, trying different depths and force. Mine was stuck and seemingly would never open, and finally after just trying every sort of touch/turn, it finally budged.

If it opens, tighten the screws on the inside, which is usually the culprit. I'll post some pics if I get a chance tomorrow.
Yea my lock is probably sore as he!! From all of the fvcking I've done so far. Believe me, I've tried every position with the lock a lock and key. The handle just feels limp with no tension on it when I try to open it.

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