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FWIW, I bought a '03 325cic with 111K miles on it in the beginning of March for $7000. It had been sitting on the dealership's lot for over six months which is never a good thing for a vehicle. I immediately drove it over to the mechanic and dropped another $1500 on it to bring it up to snuff.

The mechanic owns a '02 version and he was pleased with its performance. It handles and drives as well as my ex's 2012 E350 Benz. Okay, maybe 95% as well but it has the added benefit of being paid off and her's won't be for years. ;-) The interior is fine, not great.

I was afraid it was going to be a money pit in terms of maintenance but the mechanic doesn't think so. Only time will tell. It *is* turning into a money pit for the mods/features I can do: bought an air deflector (a must!), a system to reconfigure the settings, a second FOB key; split side mirrors are next, then a nav unit. And those front/rear bumper sensor are looking mighty tempting but might be too much beyond my skill level!

The KBB for one in better condition was $7700, IIRC, so in the end, yeah, I over paid, but I freaking love this car and I've never really been into cars before this one.


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