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This kind of scenario happened to family friends a couple of years ago. They live in a secluded mansion surrounded by trees. 4 goons break in at 7 AM, grab the highschool-aged daughter and 7 year old son from the breakfast table, force them into the parents bed as the parents were in the bathroom getting dressed. Then they go into the bathroom (apparently the mom was naked, and they had to wait for her get a robe on) and they then forced the parents into their bed with their kids. I guess one guy held a weapon to the father's head while his three partners ransacked the place. Then, they left and were caught like a week later. The other daughter was asleep in the guesthouse the entire time. I suppose the moral of the story is that wherever you are, you're not safe. I myself live in a gated community, but you still need to lock your doors and cars, use alarms, and have an emergency plan. I'm only 16, so all that I sleep with is a 10 pound commercial grade flashlight, but my dad was in the marine corps and I'm sure that he is well prepared for the inevitable .
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