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I was thinking 10, but I really don't know how much wiggle room I have on my fronts if I drop it. As it sits, with a quick tape measure job in the parking lot (at work atm lol), there's about 2" clearance from top of the tire, to the fender lip, height-wise. And it's set in about 1/2" from the lip, going that way. So as it sits now, if I drop it 2", it'll be barely inside the fender (stock, not rolled/cut), and even if I account for the upward slope inside, it seems like I'd only have about 1/2" max clearance above the outer edge of the tire before rubbing at that point. And that's not counting what would happen if it's spaced out a tad. Would imagine it would rub over any decent bumps at that point. Makes me wonder how people get away with wider tires, dropped, and minimal modification to the fender lol. I doubt I'll drop it that far, honestly, but I'm just trying to be cautious about it. I guess worst case, I go 10mm, and just make sure I don't drop it too far to cause issues.

Since I just had a CPS sensor code flash earlier today, I'll be ordering that up and will likely add my spacers to my order. I hate to order two sets, but I guess I could get a set of 5's and 10's, and whichever I don't use in the front, I can always toss on the rear. All the incidentals add up in the wallet in a hurry lol.
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