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Originally Posted by Act of God View Post
XX = female
XXX = super female
XY = male

Are you implying that all transgenders are born with opposite brains of their genitals? Challenge.
I'm asking you a simple question. If a person's hormonal development produces a body with male genitalia and a female brain, which gender are they?

Originally Posted by Sentaruu View Post
they are really confused.

they are biologically male. and that means, at least in my opinion. they should be in the male bathroom.
Why? What's the reason we want 6 y/o little girls going to the bathroom with other little girls and not other little boys?

Originally Posted by Zell View Post
You've gotta admit that after puberty, we pretty much blend them together

And yes, that was a statement I pulled out of my ass.
Absolutely when you're talking about people that are getting old enough to start establishing sexual feelings and relationships with other people, gender identity and sexual orientation become a big deal and there's a lot of interplay between them.

At 6 years old, gender identity has basically nothing to do with sexual preference or anything having to do with interpersonal relationships.
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