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Originally Posted by Act of God View Post
No, it won't. So long as the public perception is that the democrats are the people that will give you free stuff the votes will stay there.

Originally Posted by Act of God View Post
No, it won't. So long as the GOP perception is that the sole reason that democrats are winning is simply because they are the people that will give you free stuff the that the votes will stay there.
I think a large problem with the GOP is that as their rhetoric and propaganda became ever more pointed, sharp and effective in winning elections, their underlying ideology became increasingly soft, sclerotic and rigid. It has now gotten to the point where their pointed rhetoric has essentially displaced deeper, more grounded ideology as their intellectual driving force. They actually now believe themselves what was once simply crass political rhetoric only meant to caricature and demonize the opposition for electoral purposes -- they're drinking their own Kool Aid and have become a sort of caricature in reverse themselves. They're now reactively defining themselves as the obverse of their own caricatures of the Dems. In so conflating their own political rhetoric with reality they are the ones becoming becoming ever more caricatured and clownish.

As a result, the GOP/TP are now left basically to clever tactical maneuvering (legislative obstructionism, gerrymandering, voter suppression in various forms, etc.) in ever more desperate attempts to retain power and influence even as they are appealing to ever smaller, older and restricted elements of the electorate in any deeper or more meaningful way. They're post-2012 autopsy did fairly bravely delve into this reality and the need to change, as did an analysis of younger voters more recently, but the GOP/TP seem either unwilling or unable to actually do so in any real way.

As I've mentioned before, I think they are consigned to suffer a few more electoral defeats -- probably a weaker than expected 2014 season and another drubbing in 2016 -- and some subsequent additional wandering in the political/ideological desert before they're truly ready and able to evolve into a party suited for 21st century America. The Dems went through a very analogous phase from the '70's into the '90's and now it seems to be the GOP's turn in this cycle.
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