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Originally Posted by Raymond42262 View Post

I think that a good person can be reformed if he wants to live a straight life.

But some people are evil and just don't give a damn. I think part of the reason we have so many in prison is because we have so many 'mulligans'. No one wants to put a juvenile in jail and whenever someone does something wrong they put them on probation, which has a 50 percent failure rate nationwide. Prisoners know that they can rob 50 houses before they get caught robbing one and only get probation. The same is true for drug traffickers and prostitutes etc....... If they put people on probation the first time and then jail the second time, future criminals might think twice before they commit a crime. The risk / reward factor would not be as high.
So the solution to so many people in prison is to be quicker to put people in prison? LOL

All kidding aside, I get what you're saying, that if we're tougher on criminals up front, then we'll do a better job of discouraging criminal behavior. And I realize that sounds effective. But a lot of criminal acts aren't that well reasoned.

The fundamental question is how do we lessen the % of the population that wants and/or needs to commit crimes, while at the same time decreasing our tolerance for the behavior when they DO commit them?

And what do we do with the lifelong criminal? Whether it's drugs, or prostitution, or theft, or violent crimes, or just always being in some kind of trouble?

Originally Posted by Raymond42262 View Post
What is going to happen when he is 12 years old and gets erections in the girl's bathroom ? *When he goes to Middle School will he shower with girls or boys ? *
That would be a valid question if he was 12. That's getting into the age where sexual variables (as opposed to just gender) are starting to factor into most kid's interpersonal relationships.

But at age 6, what is going to happen in a mixed-genitals bathroom that we're so worried about?

Originally Posted by Raymond42262 View Post
Unless the parents steered him in this direction.

Someone needs to tell this kid he has a penis and not a vagina and he plays with GI Joes not Barbies and he rides Big Wheels not My Little Pony.

I wonder if his orientation is genuine or if it is an attempt by his parents to get attention ?
You don't know what actions his parents have or have not taken. You don't know if they've tried, and to what degree they've tried to get him to "act like a boy". You don't know if they've already tried to get him to GI Joe and Big Wheels his way through life.

And yet, you're willing to condemn the parents as abusers or attention whores. And without consideration for the situation this child is possibility in, you want to apply a rigid, hardline stance based on what YOU are comfortable with.

Originally Posted by Raymond42262 View Post
I am familiar with ammonia capsules. If you have ever tried one, you won't forget the experience. They will clear your sinuses instantly

I could have been clearer, but I have seen old movies from the late 1800's to early 1900's and sometimes the characters have a silver locket or capsule and they sniff a white powder. I remember them being referenced as smelling salts.

I have always wondered if that was cocaine. It was legal to use back then.
You're thinking of snuff:
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