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Originally Posted by Xcelratr View Post

Why? What's the reason we want 6 y/o little girls going to the bathroom with other little girls and not other little boys?

I really don't have a problem with girls being in the same bathroom as boys, so long as all of the bathrooms are co-ed. but, most bathrooms that aren't single occupancy tend to be separated by sex(even most single occupancy ones are separated by sex as well). but say biological males who identify as "females" were allowed to use the female rest rooms, cool that's fine, but what is stopping a biological male with no gender identity issues from using the female facilities? if its acceptable for one biological male to use the ladies room, its acceptable for all males to use the ladies room, and vice versa

however, there are many people who would feel uncomfortable having to go to the bathroom right next to a person of the opposite sex. then there are the increased possibilities of sexual abuse. if you think back to school bathrooms, there were usually a variety of different age groups with different sexual maturity levels. it would be very easy for an upperclassman to take advantage of a lowerclassman in that sort of situation.

you seem to be looking at male and female in terms of psychology. while I, in this case, am looking at it from more of an anatomy point of view. and I'm not saying I am right, it's just my opinion.
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