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Originally Posted by Xcelratr View Post
So the solution to so many people in prison is to be quicker to put people in prison? LOL

All kidding aside, I get what you're saying, that if we're tougher on criminals up front, then we'll do a better job of discouraging criminal behavior. And I realize that sounds effective. But a lot of criminal acts aren't that well reasoned.

The fundamental question is how do we lessen the % of the population that wants and/or needs to commit crimes, while at the same time decreasing our tolerance for the behavior when they DO commit them?

The greatest path to crime is poverty and a single parent home. They are often associated with crime. Until we can instill greater responsibility into individuals and families nothing is going to change. until people realize that children need a father in the home and not a 'baby's daddy' and graduating high school is a necessary requirement to adulthood and not an option.

45 percent of all black kids do not graduate high school, It is about 15 percent for whites.

20 percent of all white children are born out of wedlock and it is 7/10 for blacks and 8/10 black children live in single parent homes.

These lifestyles are a breeding ground for fostering anti social behavior.

Until people start becoming more responsible with their children at home , nothing is going to change on the streets.

And what do we do with the lifelong criminal? Whether it's drugs, or prostitution, or theft, or violent crimes, or just always being in some kind of trouble?

That would be a valid question if he was 12. That's getting into the age where sexual variables (as opposed to just gender) are starting to factor into most kid's interpersonal relationships.

But at age 6, what is going to happen in a mixed-genitals bathroom that we're so worried about?

Nothing, but you are imprinting the idea to this kid that he is a girl. If he dresses like a girl and pees like one........what is going to happen when he is 12 and starts going to the boys bathroom and showers with them ? He is going to get beat up and often.

This is political correctness gone wrong.

You don't know what actions his parents have or have not taken. You don't know if they've tried, and to what degree they've tried to get him to "act like a boy". You don't know if they've already tried to get him to GI Joe and Big Wheels his way through life.

And yet, you're willing to condemn the parents as abusers or attention whores. And without consideration for the situation this child is possibility in, you want to apply a rigid, hardline stance based on what YOU are comfortable with.

You're thinking of snuff: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snuff
I am only throwing out some ideas, based on previous experiences.
Not accusing anyone of anything.
But their family should be investigated by CPS.
And if the kid has to visit the CPS office, I hope he goes riding a John Deere pedal tractor instead of a Barbie car.
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