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Originally Posted by sillieidiot View Post
yeah i have an LCD when it first came out (still works, but the PS is whining cause it's old as **** lol). it's like the size of a normal laptop (closed position) nowadays. not ultrabook size though

iono, only if you need a tablet form factor. i mean if you have no need for one, just get a regular ultrabook. it's all the same guts as a 1200 ultrabook. it's just in a tablet form factor. the form factor and the fact that it run full windows is why i got it. it feels like any ultrabook tbh. it's actually faster than the sony t series ultrabook lol overall i think it's worth it for my usage.
I would get it mostly for school stuff and to carry around instead of my laptop really.

Originally Posted by Brian N View Post
You lie all of these are yours. All that is missing is a Phablet.
Phablet? phone tablet? lol?

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Got to a crash today.... Well the guy pissed and pooped himself. Wtf. It was caked on him

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that's....a pleasant sight....
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