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Originally Posted by mcr_driver View Post
I would get it mostly for school stuff and to carry around instead of my laptop really.
honestly, for that, i would just pick up a light ultrabook/mac air. it's going to be just as light and will do the same things. some of the ultrabooks are like under 700 bucks (the sony t series that i picked up recently for my dad)

or i guess you can pick up the normal surface. lasts even longer and is even thinner and lighter, but doesn't run full windows. but for school, what do you need? browsing, office, some kind of pdf reader for books. that's it, the normal surface will do that just fine.

but it works great for what i'm doing with it.

Originally Posted by mcr_driver
Phablet? phone tablet? lol?
yeah, that's what the category is called. the galaxy note and all the 5"+ screen phones basically fall under that category.

i'm not going to need a 5" screen lol i already deemed a 7" too small for the tablet form factor. and 4.5"+ is too big for a phone lol a phablet sits right in the middle of what i don't want lol
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