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Looking to Buy some wheels: need your thoughts XIers!

Ok. So I ended up buying one piece style 5s (fundo, not bbs, boo ). They came with 225/55s on two and 235/55s on the other two. The difference in size seemed negligible so I picked them up for $300. The tread has about 60-70% left. Had to hike my KWs up the highest setting in the back for them to work. Fronts were fine as they were.

I tried on some BBS 1 piece style 5s with 235/60s all around and they were WAY too big. That set had all 5 wheels and center caps for 300. Shame they weren't 225s.

I'm still a bit nervous though, bc initially I thought I had the rears set well, but they settled like Mfers and started rubbing... but, I had a 2.5 ton floor jack, old school steel jack stands, and my 4 stock rims in the that may have played in. But still, that would mean with 4 people it would rub, and I don't want that. So I jacked it up even higher and it seemed to do that trick. Here is a shot at how the rear wheel settled the second time (center caps are not on, but I have em)

Right after redoing spring perch setting:
Click image for larger version

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After a somewhat spirited drive around the block:
Click image for larger version

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....settled a fair amount. Haven't tried with all that weight in the trunk, but it seems like that gap should give me enough room for a full load of people.

Here is a shot from before I redid the rears:

Click image for larger version

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I really like how far out the wheels stick. Offset is 23

Click image for larger version

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I'm hoping the springs don't settle anymore. I feel like this was a pretty good buy considering the life of the tread and the total cost

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