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Question, what size were the wheels you picked up? the E46 325xi's came with 16 inch wheels and tires, not 15 inch and 15 inch would not clear the brake calipers. On the tire sizes that were mounted on the wheels, there is a difference and the difference that you have between those 2 sizes will have a different overall diameter difference which is not good for a 4 wheel drive system (it is possible to get the right combination for an off-set/staggered tire set from front to rear and have the same overall diameter), the best tire wheel set up for an XI is a "square" set up, meaning that all 4 tires are of the exact same size. No big deal going Plus 1 in wheel and tire size, that's going from 16 inch to 17 inch, wheel and tire weight combined will be just about the same, and the stock rotors will fill most the the wheel center and the wheel will look nice on the car. Going to Plus 2, which in this case would be 18 inch, now your side walls will be even smaller, the ride a bit rougher and the chance to flat spot, bend or break a wheel will increase, plus the stock rotors will not fill the wheel center and it will look odd. Wheel offset also has to be considered so that tires do not rub the fenders, you can always tell some one that really lowered a car and didn't spend the money to have the fenders rolled, as their fenders are all bent up and pushed out of shape from the tires hitting the fenders over bumps. Money is always a factor, but Beyern makes some very nice wheels for the BMWs that are hub concentric and they are of the proper outset.
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