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I made 997 whp on Dynamics in 2009 this is like 1150 whp on dyno jet.

4 years of R&D passed and today my setup is improved.

on the 4,23 run I ve spayed a 100 shot and went through 1 gear. 3500-9000 rpm.
the area between 3500 till 5000 rpm was not powerful. needed nitrous.

today will go through 3 gears just like gtr35 where I will use 5700 + rpms. This is using the strongest parrts of the power band.

today I got automatic transmission which shifts so fast that you cannot identify gear shifts.
boost does not even drop 1 psi during gear shifts, stays solid.

all Wheel drive is programmable, at which road speed do you want it to be on?

how much torque do you want to transfer to the fronts?

So I am able to play around the all Wheel settings. thats a very very powerful tool.

on our road test with the XM3 a man came by the fuel station and asked about the air lifter.
he thought we were lifting front tires with an air lifter.
In fact the XM3 dead hooks and front tires almost lift off the ground.

Now working on this subject.

Jake, 5,2 to 5,6 seconds 60-130 is a sweat spot for a well prepared E46 M3.

to go below 5 is where the diffculties start.

to go below 4 is where you have to optimize the M3 seriously.

to go below 3,5 is where you have to master on M3, this is what I aim for.
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