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Originally Posted by Gheybe View Post
Mert you really think you can get to under 3 seconds?
I do not know but I hope / work and pray each day. I pray God to enable me.

With all Wheel drive and automatic transmission 3,5 seconds is not difficult to attain.

To go sub 3,5 s more power will be needed.

To go 2,8-2,9 seconds, I need to push S54 B35 a lot.

well, there are good news.

when I went 4,23 s boost pressure was 32-33 psi.

I hear that big boys like big supras, and big gtrs are boosting 60 psi. Some of the supras go as high as 90 psi but this is not shared over public forums.

The supras rev 10.500 rpm as well..

I saw 60 psi on forums, but the 90 psi info came from a serious supplier

my plan is to raise boost from 33 psi to 45 psi and see what goes on.

If the system all together goes well, will test 50 psi.

55 psi

60 psi

65 psi and see what happens.

I may need to change turbochargers to boost 60 psi

So when I aim under 3 s, I did some calculations.

There is so much left in it.

btw keep 5 sets of S54 pistons on my shelf at my room. Ready for diasasters

To answer your question: I have dreams and plans and pray God each day to make my dreams come through.
La ilahe illallah = God is one and only

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