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Got the fronts in this morning. I set it to...well, I let it 3/4" from all the way down. The rears are still set just a tad under stock height for now. Didn't want to readjust until everything had settled. I wasn't sure how far it would settle in the front. I'm guessing when all said and done, should be a little under 2" lower than stock, give or take. Obviously I can adjust from there. First pic is the 5-minute later picture I snapped quick, as a gauge to see how it goes from here. Right after the picture, I took it down the road and back to see if there was any clunking. No, but something seemed like it was vibrating/rubbing. Even though I didn't put my spacers on the front, I was sure I had about 5mm clearance on the inside anyway, but thought, maybe under driving, it's catching something. Came back, and realized I never tightened my lugs after dropping the car back to the ground. Oops.

My installation went as follows, for easiest order:

To Remove old:

- Place a jack under the balljoint, and unbolt the pinch bolt (18mm) at the bottom, and the end links (16mm stock).
- Loosen the top three of the mount (13mm), but don't remove yet.
- Slowly lower the jack, while wiggling the hub assembly, and it should shimmy out just fine as you lower away.
- Remove top three bolts, and remove strut assembly.

To Install: (after you have your completed assembly ready)

- Seat the bottom of the strut into the pinch assembly, line up the pin into the groove, and let it sit as far in as it can go.
- Install the new end link on the swaybar side first. (17mm on new parts)
- Slowly raise the jack back up, pushing the assembly up until lined up with the new end link, and install end link into the assembly. Be careful not to catch your strut mount on anything as you do.
- Continue raising the assembly, guiding the strut mount into the tower. I went up a little farther, letting the springs compress by a couple inches, just to make sure the bottom had fully seated.
- Tighten the pinch bolt at the bottom (18mm) and the three top mount nuts (13mm).

Done. That was the order I ended up doing the passenger side in, since I seemed to have to keep going back and forth on the drivers side between up, down, this, and that. So this order, turned out to be the simplest, and least amount of steps for me.

Only notes I can say, was that the new end links I rec'd are 17mm, whereas the stock ones coming out were 16mm, so I did have to make a quick run to the store for an open end 17 lol.

So far though, so good. Nothing out of the ordinary, and just about to head the 30 miles to work. Tomorrow is another couple hours of driving throughout the day, so sunday should be fun to see.

EDIT: Added the 2nd pic from work, a little clearer to see height on. Gonna give it the weekend, and probably drop it down a little more.
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