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Originally Posted by dgknight View Post
No ideas, but since you are in the area and I am pulling my stock struts, springs and all the associated stuff off the car right now, I'd be happy to let you use my takeoffs to troubleshoot.

I have coilovers going on the front and new strut mounts so its possible I could let you try the whole front strut assemblies for both sides (I assume I won't need to disassemble to re-use anything). They are old and well used (120k miles) but functional, and they might provide you with an easy way to isolate the issue to either the sheetmetal fix, or to the new strut assembly you've installed.
That would be awesome. Where are you located/when do you plan on doing the work?

I'm pretty sure it's not the strut itself because I've replaced the reinforcement plate and it sits flush. But at this point I'm willing to try whatever to see what's going on.
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