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Originally Posted by E46inthe206 View Post
I ran through this whole thread and came on every page at least once.....

Loving the Midnight & Electric Blue, Sunken Treasure, and Gloss Pearl White.
I have an Orient Blue coupe with chrome trim.. thinking about vb3's in white.. or would super silver look better?

Any pics of these wheels on an OB would be greatly appreciated! Even if it's photoshopped.. lol.

Also, do you (VMR) offer any other wheels (preferably a little more on the concave side) with a lip other than the 715's?
I ran into the Linea Corse Z2s and wanted them so bad, because they're basically the CSL style with a lip.
I called WheelDude and they said they don't make them anymore :/
At the moment we're not offering any lipped wheels. As far as the finish though, either one will look great. It's going to add some contrast to your car! White is just a bit more different.
Originally Posted by joedawnn View Post
Oh my goodness, if I had the money i'd order v710's in EVERY color you have.

But looking to order some v710's for my SG M3. Just don't know what color would look the best.
Was wondering if you have pictures of ANY of the powdercoated finishes on a SG M3
im open to all colors
The closest I've found is this:

We have quite a few colors that could look great on your car though. Personally, I think our Scarlett Red would look awesome. It's a deep burgundy/red color, and in direct sunlight you can see tons of metallic flake. In shadows though it darkens up a lot.
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