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Okay... I just had the Eibach 2089.140 Pro-Kit Performance Spring Kit and Koni Sport Shocks and Struts. I have heard that the springs take a while to lower to their final height but my first measurements have me a little baffled.

The rears are an inch lower while the fronts are still about the same... Maybe around 1/4" lower.

How long will it take the fronts to settle? This is pissing me off!


I just read this on another forum... Interesting...

I know for a fact that Eibach stress relieves their springs. The only way they will change is if their YIELD STRENGTH is exceeded, and that is not physically possible because Eibach designs their springs such that they can be fully compressed (coil bind) and the forces on the spring will not come close to YIELD. Not physically possible, period.

That said, the most common cause of "settling" complaints on aftermarket suspension is from the installer tightening the pivot point bolts while the vehicle is in the air (hoist or jack stands) with the suspension in full droop. When the vehicle is then put on the ground, the bushings are pre-loaded and a false height is the result. The bushings relax over time leading to the conclusion that the springs "settled".

A competent installer will always do the final bolt tightening when the vehicle is on the ground at ride height.

FYI: I was chief engineer at Rancho suspension for 12 years...trust me on this.

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