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Originally Posted by jfoj View Post
Scott may chime in soon?

Originally Posted by SC4R27 View Post
my key just stopped working on all doors and trunk. the interior lights also do not turn on. Sometimes if i shake the key (i do not hear anything inside) and then press unlock it will work. I think its broken from being dropped. Should i get a new key?
Bad key. Get it repaired or buy a new one. It's up to you.

Originally Posted by elbee View Post
So, I had this issue once with my dad's e39. The key fob would not lock/unlock the doors. It was a fairly easy repair. I did it awhile ago so I don't remember the specifics, but the repair was done in the trunk.

The same issue is coming up on our e46 and based on the searching I've done, it's not as straightforward. It looks like it can be a problem with the actuator or the GM5 module. Both look like fairly involved DIY's. Is there a test I can do to determine which part might be the issue? I'm hoping to avoid an unnecessary DIY.
So the SAME issue is happening with your E46 which from what you wrote about the E39 problem I see that you are having issues "The key fob would not lock/unlock the doors." This is not a GM5 or actuator problem. Sounds more like a key fob, key sync or FZV antenna amplifier problem.

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