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Originally Posted by SBPhil View Post
I'm getting clunking sounds from what I believe are the helper springs binding when I make a turn at low speeds. If I lift the car and remove the wheel the noise is practically gone when I steer, so I don't think its the assembly since I had it done at a shop. I ordered new FSMs since the shop recommended them and they are worn. Does anyone know if this will resolve it or do I need something else like a washer? The noise isn't as bad as the creak which is continuous as you turn, its only about 3 or 4 pops when I spin the wheel around. I'll try to get a video on my car tomorrow but its making this exact sound.

The issue they had was the assemble but I'm pretty sure that isn't it.
Aside from this, I would definitely say these coilovers are great for the money.
Any help is appreciated, thanks.
Getting similar sounds but in more frequency. See my video some posts ahead.
For me, replacing the Front shock mounts didnt do any good. Still have the same sound.

Originally Posted by bad91teg View Post
got mine on the way . hey kris or anyone that can answer. i have 19" x 8" wheels.the offset is 38 u think i will need to buy spacers ? trying to figure this out so i can order them if needed ? thanks for any help !!
I am on 17 x8" 47 offset wheels with 10mm spacers at front, effectively making it 37 offset. No rubbing on all the way low as well.
I am pretty sure you wont need the spacers.
But a lot depends on choice of tires too. If you are using standard size tires for 19's on e46, you wont need spacers.
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