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Working on search engine optimization here and the roll-center search brought this thread up, so I figure I'd throw some info here.

Our roll-center correction kit for the E46 gives 28mm of correction and matches the bump-steer at the same time 9saving you having to get a separate bump-steer kit). It also quickens the steering and fits in smaller wheels than any other kit out there.

On top of that, you can adjust the bump-steer and roll-center further with shims if you like, and you also get 5 different ackerman positions. (ackerman defines how much more the inside wheel will turn than the outside).

There are a bunch of NASA GTS and SCCA cars running our setup now and customers are routinely dropping 1.5-2 tenths per lap, and some recent data logging showed a customer pulling .2 MORE G just by installing our setup and dropping the front spring rate 150lbs. (less spring rate is required when you mechanically reduce the roll-tendency through roll-center adjustment).

The rear of the E36 and E46 does not change anywhere near as much as the front when lowering (due to the entirely different rear arm layout compared to the struts in front) and so huge improvements can be gained from this simple mod.

Our roll-center/bump-steer only setups are only $550 and press into a stock E46 arm, while our complete race front kits come with tubular chromoly arms and run $1050. Both include all race quality heims and spherical bearings and you're getting a setup that is used and tested by some of the best racers in the country.

Check out

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