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Originally Posted by Kris@TSS View Post
Yes this is another thing to check. Go over the items included in this link here http://forum.e46fanatics.com/showthr...204&highlight=
That link is for the main forum page.
I do have the link, I am sure you meant this one:

The link to check the height:

Here is what I checked this weekend:
And re-checked the torque on every nut and bolt.

Every possible hardware is new, except for the control arms. I am not changing the control arms because the ball joints are firm and is showing no degradation.
Stock style 44 wheels with 225/45/17 sumitomo htr z III tires.

New ECS tuning 10mm hub centric spacers with extended bolts.
New Front shock mounts.
New washer between the strut body and shock mounts.
All new bolts.
3 nuts on the shock mount to shock tower tightened at 27ft lbs.
one 22mm nut on the strut tightened to 37ft lbs.
New melye HD FCABs with new bolts(tightened to spec)
8 new bolts on the subframe reinforcement plate(tightened to spec)
New Endlinks provided with the street edge kit.
New sway bar bushings.

New ECS tuning 15mm hub centric spacers with extended bolts.
New Meyle HD M3 Rear shock mounts with z3 reinforcement plates.
New Meyle HD RTABs with limiters.
All new nuts and bolts(torqued to spec).

So here are the measurements from the outside.

Adjustment: Coils set almost all the way down, with one thread remaining.(almost lowest)
Height measurement: from center of the wheel(center of center cap) to the bottom edge of fender: 12.5"

Adjustment: Coils set almost all the way up, with one thread remaining. (almost highest)
Height measurement: from center of the wheel to the bottom edge of fender: 11.5 "

I am still getting the creaking/grinding noise when I turn the steering wheel, this is from the driver's side front wheel.

Another question:
Why is the rear height lower than the front even on the highest position?
I know I need to get the part numbers from the springs and perches to Kris for confirmation, but it is really annoying to remove the suspension every weekend and still not fix the issue. I work full time and I am a full time graduate student, so spare time is not something I have.
I did not remove the wheels this weekend to check on the spring and perch numbers because it was raining. May be next weekend.

I am happy with the ride comfort, but the creaking noise and ride height is annoying me. There was no noise for about a month, but then it started.
PS: the creaking noise when turning the wheel is louder and more pronounced when the temperature is above 90 degrees. So, looks like the temperature is also playing a role in this.


I am going to change all 4 rear ball joints soon, so I would like to take care of whatever is making that noise and the ride height before I go to get another alignment(they are not cheap).

Edit: Added a picture of how it sits right now.

Before: On sports suspension


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