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My car only came with one key, the remote, which didnít work. I purchased a second non remote key from the dealer, then sent mine off to a repair service in the UK,
Link here >>Key Fob Repair

There is a guy in CA that does the same thing see here >>Click Here

At the time of writing this, his price was $49.00 or best offer. When I was looking his price was $79.00 or best offer. (So he came down dammit! I could have saved some money and not wait for international shipping if his price was $49.00 when I was looking).However, I wanted to save some bucks so I shipped mine off to London, but for fifty bucks this is a great deal and you might even be able to talk him down some.

Or if your feeling adventurous, you can try to do it yourself like the above video. If you go this route, here is a recommendation for you. Unless you are really good at soldiering, donít attempt to de solider the old battery then re-soldier in a new one, chances are you will screw it up totally trashing your remote. Instead cut the clips holding the battery up high then use the flat metal that once held in the old battery to solider your new one to. I can go into more detail on this if you are interested. Just post and I will do so with pictures.

I could have done the repair myself, but I am real busy with work, and when Im not working, I didnt want to deal with this key repair, Just wanted to let someone else do it.
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