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Originally Posted by jdjg View Post
the right software daniel??? I guess you can use the software you want....
for example, I bought an used US Spec MS43 DME, and I search in the realoem, what are the software for a e39 530 euro spec, and I have several options, so I put all the options in my US Spec MS43 DME without a problem.....

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The "right" = the one which corresponds to EU2

i tested a different version yesterday and even without any lambda plugged, it showed me "Abgasvariante: Kat" which means that the catalytic converter is still wanted and even the lambdas where monitored. the software was stated for use at EU2, EU3 without EOBD and even SA199 (using with leaded fuel).

So i switched to the stated 7545671 and now inpa says "Abgasvariante: Kat-Vorbereitung" and now there is no error code without the lambdas.

obviously you can use software from E39, Z3 and e46, but each has slight changes in the mapping.
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