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Originally Posted by BayrischeMotorWerk View Post
Hi Alex, thanks for clearing things up, I didn't know.
I have also notice that some/all US cars are drinving with the sidemarker ligthening on, all the time.
Thats also a bit different here in EU. We only use sidemarker lights to indicate if we make a left or
right turn and in case we have a sudden stop from high speed we use the knob to flash all
Even though my cars must go to MOT every 2nd year, it's absolutely no problem to install
clear sidemarkers. It's just the flashing indicator LIGHT which must have orange/amber color but
the glass can still be clear.
MOT don't care at all if the sidemarkers has DOT or not......but they will crusify us if there should
be a HID bulb in the H7 headlamp OMG.

But back to the topic.
Here in EU most owners of the E46 has changed ALL amber glas to clear all the way around on the
E46. It seems like only old mens (> 60) still drives with the OEM ones. And also BMW is one of the
last manufactures who still had the amber sidemarkers in the program. Toyota, Mazda, Ford .... all
changed it to clear last century.
I love the clear ones :-)
The side markers being on is another legal thing. Our (front) parking lights have to be amber and visible from the side of the vehicle.
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