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Originally Posted by TiAgXi View Post
The CSL rep bumper looks a lot better on a pre-facelift car.

The ZHP bumper is what you should have done.

Your car needs to be lowered to pull off the aggressive look you're going for.

Grats on the mods.

Now start typing like an adult.
buddy crashed his ci before he got a chance to put these body parts on
so he sold them to me front bumper(brand ?) rear bumper(v-fiber m3 rep rear) and sides(hamann gtr) for 500 total so i never really picked out the pieces, though the csl bumper so far has got alot of wheres the other fog light hole lol
it is nice to just have a change though i agree it needs to be lowered but part of me wants to keep this just for winter and get a rwd for spring and summer driving
you think eibachs and konis will be enough if i do decide to?
also kicking around the idea of a csl trunk?
thanks for the feed back
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