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Originally Posted by LUZRBOY View Post
buddy crashed his ci before he got a chance to put these body parts on
so he sold them to me front bumper(brand ?) rear bumper(v-fiber m3 rep rear) and sides(hamann gtr) for 500 total so i never really picked out the pieces, though the csl bumper so far has got alot of wheres the other fog light hole lol
it is nice to just have a change though i agree it needs to be lowered but part of me wants to keep this just for winter and get a rwd for spring and summer driving
you think eibachs and konis will be enough if i do decide to?
also kicking around the idea of a csl trunk?
thanks for the feed back
Your car is already rice enough with the mods you do have on it, I wouldn't go for the CSL trunk until you do some other things like lower it, get nicer wheels, and get rid of those CF splitters in the front. Actually I just wouldn't go for the CSL trunk at all. You don't have a CSL, why fake it?
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