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Originally Posted by halo0 View Post
Hmm. How long did you leave it on? I installed a resistor that I had leftover from my previous car that was used to prevent fast blinking with my LED turn signal bulbs. It looks very similar to the one you linked. I put it on the passenger footwell light as well and it got VERY hot within a few minutes. Like hundreds of degrees burn your skin in one second hot. Like so hot that there was no way I'd leave it installed and shove it back up in the dash for fear it would start a fire. I need another solution for this. It looks pretty ridiculous to have all white LED interior lights and one yellowish incandescent bulb.
No resistor should be needed. Mine all worked till I put in the last bulb. I figured it out. LEDs pull such low current that the light module shuts down the interiors sensing a short circuit. Someone with NCS Expert can code the module to not respond to any errors.

I did mine and the lights started working immediately, no resistor.
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