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So lately we've been getting quite a few PM's, Phone calls, etc. all asking the same basic question and all having the same concern:

If the Solo-Werks kits are so good how can they be priced this cheap? You get what you pay for right?

This is normally a great rule of thumb, but let's look at this from a different perspective and look at the big picture from Solo-Werks's vantage point.

How many hands/business/middlemen do you think are involved in the sale of your $1000+ coilover kit in between the manufacturer and yourself? In a lot of cases it's two and sometimes three before it is sold to you. It usually breaks down like this: Manufacturer, Wholesale distributor warehouse, retailer and finally to the consumer.

In Solo's case there is only one, and that's guys like me. Solo manufactures it, distributes it to me and I sell it to you. Fewer hands means lower pricing for you.

A couple of other points to consider is simply overhead, they are not supporting a staff of 30 -50 or even 100 employees. You don't see tens of thousands of marketing dollars spent annually on magazine ads and Drift Series sponsorships - only funds for engineering and production and face to face shows like Waterfest in NJ and the Big So Cal Euro & Dubfest in September.

I realize that itís rare these days but there still are companies out there that just want to put a good product to market at a reasonable price thatís not junk without all the corporate BS and backscratching.

I hope that helps take care of the elephant in the room but if anyone has any other questions in regards to fit, finish, ride quality etc. please feel free to let me know as I have installed Soloís on all three of the BMW offered platforms and majority of the VW applications here in our shop so I can give a real world opinion of my result.
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