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Originally Posted by nihad05 View Post
Your right how do we know. It comes from the heart and intention to help the needy. That's all I can really do and hope they are receiving what is said. Like I stated earlier, any help is better than none
My right? Or my left?
There is a lot more that you can do.
Your intention may be good hearted, but your execution sucks. It's because of gullible people like you that we have so many scams in this society.
If you want to benefit the Cancer Society, just write a check to the Cancer Society. As a token of our (societal) appreciation, you get to write that off your taxes.
You chose to write your check to the watch maker because you wanted a watch. Their claim that you're benefiting the Cancer Society is the hook to sell more watches. You use that to justify your purchase and make yourself fell better: you didn't selfishly buy a watch for yourself... you helped someone with cancer. Yeah, right.

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