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hahah crazy!! your exhaust is better than mine though. I ****ing hate the borla muffler.. can't wait to get it off of my car.

realized I don't spend much time here, mostly on M3F now, but i'll copy the latest update here too.

I've been looking at some audio changes the last few days as I am sick of this 5ch monster overheating and the amp and sub taking up all my ****ing trunk space. Since we didn't pay for the amp and the sub is from my wifes car we are rebuilding right now I'm not out any money.

I have had great luck with onlinecarstereo for prices over the years and hopped on to take a peak at the new stuff and got a list together.

I'm not trying to win a ****ing sound comp here just have nice audio and a little bit of bass thump while taking up NO trunk floor space. I haul a lot of **** back there sometimes lol so this is really irritating me.

Things on the list
- Kicker ZX350.4 4ch amp that puts out 60w at 4ohm which is upwards of my speakers normal power rating which is 90w and a peak of 250w.
- Kicker ZX300.1 Mono block amp, like I said not trying to win a comp.
- Alpine Type R 823D 8" sub 10" takes up too much space and cannot easily be mounted and takeup no floor space so 8" is perfect for what I'm after.
- Boss Audio DFB4 distribution block 2 amps need to power feeds and 8g wire is much easier to deal with and hide rather than having the 4g that I'm currently using.
- StreetWires 1.6' RCA interconnect well.. duh you need this.

All in all it's $450 which is not bad at all. I am ahead over $200 in this upgrade from selling my HK **** so this upgrade only cost me $250 when I do it.

Since I don't have any factory systems anymore, audio, nav, amps etc. I have a HUGE open space on my driver side trunk area behind the liner. I'm planning on mounting the amps in a custom fabbed bracket and hiding all the wiring under the carpeting and what not. And then above the little storage tray that is recessed in my liner is where I will house the 8" sub in a custom built box.

I'm also going to mount a 3" PC fan between the two amps in the cage to help move air and keep them cool. Sick of overheating ****.
Anyway I'll shut up now haha.


Got to go to the BMW test drive event, drove a 335i M package, 535 M package, and the Porsche Panamera. I immediately hated the steering feel of the new cars and lack of any throttle response whatsoever.. They did handle nice, our test drive route included 2.5 miles of twisty roads that I really pushed them as hard as conditions would allow and I was impressed. Other than that I can't stand any of the new cars, they are big, blind spot ridden monsters and I would never put a dime towards one.

My M destorys them with just eibach springs in handling and they just don't have the raw feeling that the e46 M3's offer. Needless to say, it just solidified that I'm keeping my M forever lol.


Finally got my oil change done! I feel so much better knowing what kind of fluids in my car, I make it a point to change my cars oil as soon as I purchase it so I know whats in it, how much, when it was done and it was done properly but I just couldn't swing it right away after buying the car unfortunately.

Shes a happy camper though, even smoother at idle I feel, and my old oil wasn't terribly bad either. It's getting sent off to blackstone this week for a checkup!

I'll post some pics later


Oil went off to blackstone today and the car has been running fantastic!!! I can't wait to start doing more maint on it! Next up valve adjustment/vanos and guide overhaul!
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