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Thanks for the feedback. Just curious you said that you've that the transmission rebuilt twice. Was it rebuilt for the same problem of leaking when cold and reverse? Or what?

Back to my car, no lights so far. It started about 6months ago that I know of. It was my sons car, he was parking it on the street where he lived, but being in San Francisco, he didn't always have the same parking spot, so it might have been leaking longer? Then he gave me the car. It's a 2000 528i, 117k, it had the ATF and filter changed at 113k for this problem, because the shop did not see the problem. Then the shop and I felt it might be over filled, so we removed some of the ATF, but still did it. Another shop that is a ZF rebuilder which also does GM Tranys said they think it might be an internal seal or a pump for the torque converter, but in any case the trans would have to be torn completely apart to get to it? Pls let me know what they tell you what the problem is or was, and what they did to fix it. Thx
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