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Originally Posted by Dave71 View Post
FINALLY, thunderstorm fried me modem the other night, no Internets been killing me, sorry to hear your still having cooling probs drop,ill stick my head under the bonnet tomorrow and find that hose for you aswell, i finally got my Bluetooth obd reader in the post though and its great when it works i got a faulty one connects then half way through doing anything its disconnects again, tryed it in a friends 318 and its the same so returned and a replacement is on the way, did you have any probs with yours drop and when i went through torque it even says its a cheap one from ebay or amazon i was well suprised, managed to clear 3 codes it found, and on a retest nothing came back all clear but im not gona dance till i get my new one and do it again its a well handy addon for the tool box though
Hey Dave,

My router is an outdoor one, so im sure a good thunder stome will fry it too lol.

I took a few cover off to see where that hose goes, it goes from the MAF to the rail over the injectors (image below). I taped it up for now with electrical tape and the car is running a bit smoother now, but will replace it soon.

I do have a few problems with the OBD2 adapter, it doesnt always connect. But when it does it works fine. Sometimes I have to restart the app on teh phone to get it to connect to the ECU. I havent actually unplugged it in a few days, just leave it sitting there, its great for when the misses says things like 'I know your speeding in that car' and you can show her your journey log lol. Altho I did open her up a bit this evening. Brought her up to 100mph, but with the bad bushings and front wheel needing balancing, it wasnt exactly a smooth ride.

I cant wait for my mech to take a look at it, he would be better at finding the cooling issue than I would. He told me that he recently hired a guy who is a whiz with BMW and Audi, and is going to put him on my car and see if he can sort out the cooling issue.


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