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Went to this show up in Edison, NJ called WekFest. Had heard it was a Cali organization that put on THE BEST shows and was going to be doing one on the east coast for the second time (first was last year). Went up and it was more or less the "nicest" of the stanced cars. Everything was on bags with "fresh, dope, etc" in huge letters across the windshields. Everyone was on skateboards, doing "vapes".. was just a hodgepodge of all the stuff i dislike about the "current car scene".'

It's like the new "movement" is away from building quality cars and instead all about just bagging out your car, fking up your fenders, and being as disrespectful as possible.. no joke I saw stickers with stuff like "I Fking got this sh*t" on people's car. It was like where in the h3ll did this become the new norm?

So yeah, not my scene whatsoever. Will definitely not drive up for that one next year.

Looking forward to MPact. Which of you hooligans will be there?

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