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You are making too much sense.

I'm eagerly waiting for Amazon to deliver my reader so I can continue to diagnosing my emissions issues. Thanks for being helpful.

My mechanic keeps saying is drive, drive, drive. I've driven 500 miles already!

Originally Posted by jfoj View Post
Great set of tools, more than what most people need, VERY hard to install and to get working properly.

Also this software does not address the basic things most of us need on a regular basis and NOT BMW specific like:

Emission Readiness Monitor Status
Freeze Frame Data
Real Time Date in normal terms.
OBDII Standard Codes

A stand alone $65-$70 OBDII tool will do most of what everyone here needs and will work on ALMOST any car or trunk since 1996. This also includes Manufacturer specific codes as long as the manufacturer conforms to the OBDII standard for interpreting the codes. MANY times people think the generic OBDII tools will not provide manufacturer specific codes, but they can as long as the manufacturer follows the OBDII rules.

What have had MANY issues with Fanatic cars where the problem was only able to be resolved with recording and graphing data and this was actually done in most instanced with a $5 Andriod App and a $15 OBD-Bluetooth interface.

The more advanced tools would have missed the issues that we needed to identify and resolve.

So be careful what you ask for.

It still baffles me that ANY OBDII tool supplier even sells a tool without the items I listed above. Except for graphing and recording, IMHO ALL OBDII tools should provide Emission Readiness Monitors, Real Time and Freeze Frame data at a MINIMUM. You are totally in the dark without at least these 3 items along with code reading and clearing capability.

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